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CARE Feline TNR is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Our mission is improving the lives of feral and abandoned cats through TNR (trap-neuter-return) in Central Florida. We are also advocates for humane treatment of feral cats. 

Feral/community cats are domesticated cats that have become un-socialized to humans, either due to having been abandoned for an extended period of time or having been born to a feral mother cat. Abandoned cats are former pets who have been abandoned by their families but that are still socialized and friendly to humans. Since cats are social creatures, they band together in colonies for mutual support and protection. These colonies form wherever there is a source of food, including garbage dumpsters and places where private individuals feed them on a regular basis.

CARE Feline TNR seeks to improve their lives by providing support to colony “caretakers.” The caretakers manage colonies by providing food, shelter and medical attention - CARE Feline TNR provides assistance with TNR. TNR is a critical component of colony management because it helps prevents colony expansion and the associated problems with having too many cats in one place.

We work in partnership with Orange County Animal Services (OCAS), the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Florida - Lakeland, the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)of Central Florida - Orlando, and private veterinarians to offer a TNR “package” of services. This package includes:

· Spay/neuter surgery
· Rabies vaccine and tag
· FVRCP vaccine (for distemper and upper respiratory diseases)
· Ivermectin (treatment of mites and worms)
· Ear-tipping (to indicate that the cat has been spay/neutered)
· Pain Medication

The TNR package is available for free when funding is available; however, there may be a substantial waiting period. We also offer low-cost referrals to a number of local veterinary clinics on a regular basis for when funding is not available or when caretakers do not want to wait for free appointments.

Please note that the CARE program:

· IS NOT for Pets (see low cost care options for pets)
· IS NOT a relocation or adoption service
· IS NOT a removal service
· IS 100% volunteer and requires you to take part in the process.
· IS funded by donations.

For more information, please read the Trapping/Appointments page, then call the CARE Feline TNR Message Center at (407) 522-2617 and one of our volunteers will return your call.

If your call is not returned within 24 hours, please call again. Several people answer the phone, a different person each day of the week. If something happens and we are not able to return your message immediately, the next volunteer will not know you called, or have your contact information. When you are expecting a return call from CARE, please make sure to answer calls from "Private" as our phone system disguises the phone number which our volunteers are calling from.

CARE is operated entirely by volunteers. We fund our efforts with donations we receive from the public.

Some of the ways your donations help our program include:

· Spay/neuter surgery
· Purchasing/repairing/maintaining traps
· Vaccines
· CARE voicemail, telephone line, and website
· Veterinary bills

You have the option to donate via the PayPal button on this page, or via mail. Send checks to:

CARE Feline TNR, Inc.

C/O Treasurer

PO Box 4552

Winter Park FL 32792

If you have any questions about donations please E-mail –

Your contribution can be made as a general donation or you can designate a specific program to support. All donations are fully deductible as permitted by law. CARE Feline TNR, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All funds go directly to CARE Feline TNR, Inc. We do not use an outside fundraising organization.

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